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Taste the untamable

Names always have a certain feel to them, and I've always thought Riley fits me well because it feels approachable with rebellious tinge. I've never quite followed the beaten path--I prefer a more subversive route, helped by my taste for spontaneity and a particular disdain for rules. Honestly, I feel most invigorated in life when I connect deeply with others. because I feel so naturally attune to others feelings and desires. I have an insatiable lust for new experiences and connection, and I want to explore with you.

My interests and hobbies vary often as my brain is constantly roaming for new stimulation. My nose tends to be buried deep in pages of prose or politics. I have a sharp wit and a dark sense of humor, coupled with an awfully naughty tongue. I will always have a soft spot for fellow misfits, nerds, and bookworms. I am grounded by the quiet of the woods but I am always drawn back to the dynamism of city life. I am full of curiosity for life's complexities and contradictions, always propelled by boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. I want to embrace this overwhelming world and find every bit of hedonistic pleasure I can, and most importantly, connect with other kindred spirits along the way.

Can't wait to meet you.

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