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My name is Desire. I am not your young, bouncy, spinner type companion who is typically spending time with people to do a service. I am however a woman in her early 30's with a very attractive, athletic, thin body frame wanting to spend time fusing that mixture letting you feel relaxed and having a wonderful time together.

I like you have needs, wants, bills, so please do not attempt to negoiate this is very rude and immature and honestly it may end our time together. You have a job and get paid for services you do and would feel disrespected if someone came along requesting that you do that same level of service but for less, you have to needs, wants, and bills.

When you arrive at my incall location, I want to make this an exhilarating experience you have been anxiously waiting for. I will tease your senses with my sweet scent, delicious frame, soft seductive voice, and most importantly I want you to feel relaxed and relieved as we spend time together. Our time together, I will not be answering my phone or texting, watching a clock, it will be spending quality time together. I will kiss you as you come in and embrace you in my arms, making you feel welcomed and loved. We can talk about anything, I am well versed and educated but as we are talking my hands may slowly touch and explore your body. You may also find that as I am listening, my lips are caressing your neck, ears, and lips. I would encourage you to do the same when I am talking.

As we feel more comfortable, our bodies will probably touch and for me this is very important as touch is often over looked and missed by so many providers. That feeling when you have someone's body next to yours feeling their heart beating and warmth radiating from their body. We will slowly move our way to a more discreet area of my incall at this point.

Please do not make me ask about the donation, please be a true gentlemen and lay it in a unsealed envolpe on the counter, asking about it just really can interfer with our time together. Please arrive at your appointment time, clean, fresh, not covered in dirt with bad breath, I certainly will not be making my appearance dishevelled, bad breath, or horrific body odor. If you are coming from work, I will try to accomdate a shower, but you will need to let me know prior to the appointment. Anything we do during our time is discreet and strictly conscentual between two mature adults. I understand that touch is very important in making that connection, but please respect that your safety and health as well as mine are very important so I do not and will not do anything that is not safe.

I have personal preferences just the same as you have your likes and dislikes. Besides arriving on time and clean, I do not appreciate vulgar, obscene, rude or vulgar language. I do not see any thugs, pimps, or Afro American, again my preference on who I would like to spend time with. I am certain that if you are on a date with someone who you didn't care for, you would be on the edge and unable to relax and enjoy being with that person. The same holds true here, I want our time to be relaxing, refreshing, and most of a wonderful experience that will forever be in your mind.

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